Test Week: Success

Yesterday was the last testing day of patch 16. The official version 15.19 will be replaced by the new 16.0 during the next 24 hours.

The test was a huge success. Thanks to all 37 participants:

  • Crazyenergy
  • Dante
  • VoidLeaper
  • Ftzenjnge
  • Mitch
  • Sam
  • Clyc
  • Nukular
  • Sheppard
  • Aussenseiter
  • Reptide
  • mota
  • Thur
  • thomulf
  • Sebastian
  • richter
  • NoVaX
  • AoWZeNo
  • KopiO
  • MaksLux
  • LeKinK
  • Executor
  • ReY
  • admoon
  • zergui
  • Lecalat
  • Novon
  • commander
  • deathbringer
  • JeokeR
  • TheSlayer
  • Anonymous
  • FreshCookie
  • GhostWarrior
  • zizitop

A full changelog will be posted when the patch has been applied.

Patch 16 Test Week Starts

Today, the first test version of the new Temple Arena patch will be uploaded to bnet servers. If you want to participate in official tests, please join our chat channel “Temple Arena”.

The test version will be available in 4-6 hours (around 6 to 8 p.m. CET).

Patch 16 Testing Phase

From the 13th of February onwards, TA16 will be in testing phase. Everyone who is interested in balancing and bugfixing the new version is welcomed to our team. Visit the forums and register an account there.

You will not be able to participate in testing without a valid forums account.

Hope to see you all next week in our channel!

Patch 15.17 and 15.18 released!

Today, TA has become a bit better to understand for beginners. Here’s the complete changelog of patch 15.17 and 15.18.


  • Ingame FAQ available (press F8)
  • Tutorial for beginners enabled. You will get the chance to complete the tutorial only in your very first TA game.
  • Option to disable ingame tips added.
  • The loading screen is now giving you advise on how to start your TA game.
  • Added tooltips to the voting options.


  • Basic Unit / Mercenaries / Upgrades tooltips have been rewritten and made easier to understand for beginners.
  • Some tooltips have been updated with necessary information.


  • Zergling melee attack range slightly increased (faster approach)
  • Zealot charge range increased
  • Diamondbacks are now slowed while they are attacking
  • Re-balanced the Siege Tank completely
  • Hydralisks hitpoints lowered
  • Abomination attack damage decreased
  • Banshee separation radius decreased
  • HQ detector range increased and turret detector added
  • Mutalisk suicide splash area reduced
  • Baneling hitpoints lowered
  • Reaper sticky bomb damage and splash area lowered
  • Laser Hellion attack damage increased
  • Upgrade costs of the following upgrades lowered: Movement Speed+ (Zealots), Armor Penetration+ (Zealots), Critical Strike+ (Zerglings), Lesser Bounty (all basic units)


  • Fixed an exploit that gave players the possibility to get minerals by sending an inquiry when there was no other player in team.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for players teamed up with an AI player to see the entire map.
  • Fixed a hotkey problem with the baneling (explode, unburrow, burrow) and with the HQ (nova, upgrade panel).
  • Fixed an exploit that made it possible to gain control over the boss creatures by using Reapers’ permanent control.
  • Fixed a bug with the dying animation of Leviathans for low-res players.

Patch 16 Schedule

It is likely that patch 16 will enter the testing phase in the second or third week of February. v16.0 contains a lot of new features, new content, and dozen of improvements. Therefore, the development phase has to be extended by 2 weeks.

With this update, you can expect a great step towards our goal. The creation of the greatest arena mod ever made for an RTS game.

Of course we will publish new preview videos very soon.

Balance Update

v15.16 is live and brings some balance changes. Marauders and Immortals were way too strong in early game and we will have a look on how the following changes have corrected the imbalance.

  • Costs of all special upgrades adjusted
  • Decreased damage gain of Prismatic Beam Stalkers
  • Decreased initial damage of Explosive Shells Marauders
  • Decreased damage gain of Explosive Shells Marauders
  • Marauders starting hitpoints lowered by 15%
  • Explosive Shells splash area reduced
  • Banshee starting hitpoints lowered by 10%
  • Hero: Nova hitpoints lowered by 18%
  • Immortals attack speed decreased
  • Immortals starting hitpoints lowered by 10%
  • Immortal Shield now reduces incoming damage to 20 (instead of 10)
  • Hitpoints of all mercenary structures lowered by 17%
  • Lyote starting armor increased by 1
  • Boss creatures are now less vulnerable to snipe
  • Fixed the starting minerals of the appropriate vote option to 1250

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy and successful new year 2012.

Also, thanks for 350 Temple Arena subscriptions :)

There has been a new balance update released earlier today. Here’s the changelog:

  • Zergling & Zealot damage gain (from upgrades) increased by 15%
  • Marine ‘Shotgun’ damage gain (from upgrades) increased by 20%
  • Diamondback damage gain (from upgrades) decreased by 45%
  • Ingame tips added (displayed every 4 minutes)
  • Fixed a bug with the heroes minerals costs affecting the Shapeshifter, the Overseer, and the Destroyer
  • Fixed the “purple loading screen” bug and added some beginner information to the loading screen

Balance Update

We hope you all had a great Christmas. The last update for this year is a small balance update again (v15.13) and now available on EU servers.

  • Tanking mercenaries (Thor, Abomination, Reaver, Immortal) starting hitpoints lowered (Thor to 155, others to 145)
  • Tanking mercenaries hitpoints gain through health upgrades lowered by 40%
  • Thor: Attack vs. single targets buffed but splash removed
  • Thor: Spawn duration increased by 10%
  • Thor: Self-Detonation bug fixed
  • Medic: Starting hitpoints and hitpoint gain decreased significantly, but starting heal capacity raised.
  • Abomination: Separation radius lowered and attack range raised
  • Marine: Shotguns splash radius and damage fraction increased, and maximum targets set to 3.
  • Spawn durations for Lyotes and Medics slightly decreased.
  • Diamondbacks armor penetration chance raised to 20%.

That’s it for 2011. Starting next year, we will work on the upcoming hero content patch (v16.0). You can expect further balance updates in January.

See you soon!

Small Balance Update

v15.10 is now live for EU servers.

  • Zerglings: +15 starting hitpoints
  • Burrowed Zerglings: Hitpoints corrected
  • Medics: +30% movement speed
  • Diamondbacks: -20% movement speed and -0.5 attack range
  • Diamondbacks: Size decreased by 15%
  • Marauders: Explosive Shells splash area reduced by 50%
  • Marauders: Tranquilizer now reduces the movement speed of enemies by 50% (up from 30%)

Performance & Compatibility Patch live!

v15.7 of Temple Arena has gone live.

  • Script size reduced by 40% (improved triggering)
  • File size reduced significantly (faster download)
  • Faster map loading times
  • Better ingame performance
  • All images converted to dds files and enabled MAC support
  • Faster unit spawn for basic units and mercenaries
  • Turrets (Railgun, MG, Missile) HP lowered by 30%
  • Bugfix: Marines/Marauders Stimpacks do subtract hitpoints again
  • Hydralisk attack range lowered by 1
  • Marauders attack damage lowered significantly
  • Event boss creature HP lowered
  • HQ model changed
  • Minor bugfixes

Large parts of the code have been re-written completely. Please be aware that there might have been produced bugs that haven’t been discovered yet. Please report bugs at the appropriate section of our forums.

Performance Update

We are currently working on a huge performance patch which is supposed to enhance the gaming experience by reducing lags and loading times to a minimum.

This is also necessary to create room for the next content patch including a completely re-designed hero system with unique features and abilities.

Further v15 Changes

A new version (v15.6) has gone live for the EU servers.

  • Fixed a bug that let units get out of control
  • Integrated a new optimized bank system due to the dropping issue (including a bank reset)
  • Improved the map initialization triggers for better performance and loading times
  • Heroes are now disabled for the first 7.5 minutes of game
  • Flying mercenaries are now disabled for the first 9 minutes of game
  • Switching and rebuying mercenaries costs now 500 minerals (down from 700)
  • All heroes have become weaker in their attacks but get slightly stronger with attack upgrades
  • Lowered the 5-minute extra minerals and income of event creatures aswell as the overall obelisk income, but raised the income of mercenaries. You gain 1 more bounty for each special upgrade the mercenaries of your opponents have.
  • Raised the bounty of HQs to 750
  • Added a voting option which makes it possible to completely disable obelisks
  • Hero: HT Psi-Storm and Vortex area reduced in size
  • Hero: HT hitpoints reduced to 450 and energy regeneration increased by 30%
  • Broader center ramps
  • Event creatures are now slightly stronger (attack) than before
  • Diamondback, Hydralisk and Mutalisk damage output significantly reduced
  • Other smaller changes and fixes

Bug-Report #update

It seems that many different custom maps have the “you were dropped” bug since the previous SCII patch 1.4.2. We expect Activision Blizzard to fix this, since the map developers can’t do anything. Nevertheless, we have a guide on how you can avoid this bug:

Before you join a lobby and invite people directly to the game, you should form a group (create a party) and invite everyone who wants to play to your party. Then, join the lobby all at once and start the game immediately after. If you wait too long in lobby, the host will most likely get dropped from the game right after start. If you want to play with more than 6 people, create a party with 6 of them (since it’s the player limit for a group) and then join the lobby. After everyone has joined, invite the remaining players and start the game as soon as possible.

The risk of getting dropped from the game rises with the time you spend in the game lobby. This should help you to avoid this bug for most cases.

Bug-Report & Changes

We are aware that many players get dropped from the game right after start recently, and their bank status (rank, xp, achievements) gets deleted. This issue is being worked on. Therefore, please expect an entire bank reset during the upcoming 24 hours.

Also I would like to inform you that there are being made a lot of changes at the moment regarding the game balance. This is because the unit system is completely new and it takes some time to establish a certain balance. Nevertheless your opinion is important and if you got anything to complain or suggest, feel free to use our forums.

Thanks for your support!

Patch 15 BETA

It is finally done. Although the testing is still in progress, we have decided to release the patch and to let you enjoy the new Temple Arena. Here is a list of the most important changes.


  • The Temple Arena has become smaller and you can now enjoy a new landscape.
  • Added two more mercenary classes: Medics and Leviathans
  • All units have been completely re-designed and adjusted to the new systems which are explained below.
  • New Counter System: All mercenary classes have one of the armor types “Chitin”, “Crystal”, “Steel”, and “Flesh”. There are 4 mercenary classes per armor type. Each one counters another by doing 20% more damage than normal.
  • New Mercenary Role System: All mercenary classes have been assigned to the damaging, tanking or supporting role. Damaging mercenaries gain more damage from damage upgrades and have less hitpoints and HP gain from health upgrades. Tanking mercenaries gain more hitpoints from health upgrades but have a weaker attack and lesser damage gain from damage upgrades. Only medics are of the supporting role. Their heal improves by researching damage upgrades.
  • New Damage Reduction System: Armor now grants the units a percental damage reduction instead of an absolute damage reduction like in normal SC2 games. This prevents units from becoming nearly immortal for weak units.
  • New Upgrade Panel: You can now access all upgrades that are available in Temple Arena with the hotkeys “G” and “0″. Grid users should use “0″ instead of “G” to open and close the upgrade panel, because “G” is the hotkey for your Energy Nova.
  • Added more than 50 new upgrades to the game. Each unit type now has 4 special upgrades. Hero Health, Energy Regen and Health Regen upgrades have been temporarily removed.
  • New Mercenary Panel: You can now access a menu to buy and switch mercenaries or to inform about the different armor types and mercenary classes. The hotkeys to open and close this panel are “N” and “L”.
  • New Camera Distance Setup: You can now adjust your camera distance as you like with the help of the camera distance panel. Access it with Ctrl + C.
  • Improved Voting System: You can now vote for and against events and and you don’t have to use the vote button anymore. In addition, a timer has been integrated to the voting dialog.
  • New Supporting Units: You can now buy supporting units for minerals with a cooldown instead of using energy. Also Siege Tanks are new to the game.
  • New Defense System: You can now buy different kind of turrets for your defending platform. You can choose between Railgun, Rocket and MG turrets. Only one turret can be active at a time.
  • New Tutorial: All beginners will now be offered a tutorial at the beginning of their very first game. (currently deactivated, still in testing)


  • All shields have been removed from the game and are now part of the special upgrade system.
  • Maximum unit supply set to 150. Each unit consumes 1 supply (except for Zerglings: 0.5).
  • Standard upgrades don’t increase in costs with higher levels anymore.
  • HQ: Energy maximum reduced from 750 to 300. Chrono Boost costs reduced from 45 to 20 energy. Scan costs reduced from 30 to 15 energy.
  • HQ: Hitpoints reduced from 12000 to 5000.
  • HQ: Dual rocket launcher range raised from 9.5 to 11.
  • Mercenary structures: Hitpoints reduced to 3000.
  • Nova Split Missile now hits 20 targets at maximum.
  • All heroes and base defenses have permanent armor penetration.
  • Mercenaries: The spawning speed of all mercenaries are now equal.
  • Mercenaries: You can choose your first mercenary class at the beginning of the game for free.
  • Hundreds of other changes.

1 Year Temple Arena BETA

The BETA of Temple Arena has already accomplished one entire year of development and intense work. I am very proud that there are already so many TA fans out there who want to see the game progressing even more. Today I’m giving you insights to the new Temple Arena features which are part of the upcoming patch 15.

  •  Mercenaries & Mercenary Panel

First, there are two new mercenary classes: Medics and Leviathans. That means TA has a mercenary repertoire of 16 unit types. Those 16 unit types have been divided into 4 different armor classes which you can see at the left dialog frame. Each armor type is particularly strong versus another. Additionally, all mercenaries have been divided into damage, support and tank classes: the damage type gains more offensive abilities and bonuses from upgrades but is weak in defense, the tank type gains more defensive abilities and bonuses from upgrades, but is weak in offensive actions, and the support type is consisting only of medics by now. Medics are able to heal your army and have special supportive abilities.

At game start, you will be able to choose whichever mercenary class you want and you won’t have to pay anything for it. To switch your mercenary class, you have to pay 1000 minerals. If your mercenary compound is destroyed, you have to pay 500 for a new one.

  • Upgrades & Upgrade Panel

The most distinct feature of patch 15 is the new upgrade panel and upgrade content. Within this panel you can find all upgrades that are currently available in game at one spot. You don’t have to search in structures and menus anymore. The panel offers three pages, one for standard upgrades (as you can see like damage, armor, health and other upgrades for your basic units, mercenaries and heroes), one for special upgrades (all abilities, passive bonuses and other upgrades that aren’t standard: each unit has 4 of them), and one for re-equips (enabling units to switch armors and weapons with a cooldown, but this feature isn’t finished yet: only marines and stalkers have re-equips right now).

While the costs for standard upgrades are increasing with higher levels in TA 14, they stay equally expensive in TA 15. Therefore, the prices have changed significantly and the total amount of the damage, armor & health upgrades has been increased to 40.

  • Armor System 2.0

From patch 15 onwards, TA will work with a new armor system that is similar to the one in Warcraft III. Instead of absorbing the specific amount of damage depending on the armor value of the unit, a relative value is now calculated and represents the damage reduction value. The graph shows how the armor system works: the higher the armor value of the unit, the lower the damage reduction gain for a new armor point. It’s a degressive function.

For the game, this means that no unit will be undefeatable because even if you got max armor the unit will still receive about 18% damage (we can say 1/5th). So a Marine with 10 damage will do about 2 damage to the max armored unit. In conclusion, this armor system is an important step towards a fair and balanced arena game.

  • Tutorial for beginners 

The very first game of a new TA player will now start with a tutorial that introduces the player to the most important game mechanics and shows how to defend oneself. All players who are busy with the tutorial don’t take part in voting and gain bonus minerals after the accomplished tutorial for the lost game time.

  •  Hotkeys 

Both, the mercenary panel and the upgrade panel are opened by pressing hotkeys. In addition, from patch 15 onwards, TA will have all unit abilities properly assigned to hotkeys.

  • Camera Panel

Since all players have different needs and likes, you are from TA 15 onwards able to adjust the camera distance as you wish. The default camera distance has been set to 40 which offers an acceptable view on the battlefield, but if you prefer to have your eyes everywhere at the same time, you will be able to easily zoom out as much as you want.

  • Voting System 2.0

First, you are now able to vote for and against events. Second, you can now track the voting status with the number behind the options and see how many people have voted for them. You don’t have a vote button anymore, checking the boxes will be sufficient.

  • Event Point Currency & Unit Cap

A new currency has been integrated to TA. For each time you win an event, you will now be rewarded with “Event Points”. Those points can be spent for different rewards (right now there are only options to make the entire map visible). But more rewards are planned.

Also you will be bound to a unit limit. Each player can have up to 150 units at the same time. Don’t worry, this is a huge army and each unit needs 1 supply. There are no differences besides Zerglings, which consume 0.5 supply. This feature prevents players who stay afk for a while to gather hundreds of units and it also makes “bunkering” a lot more difficult.

  • New Sounds & Optimized Winner/Loser Screens

The way-too-big monster evaluation screen at the end of the game has been significantly reduced in size. In addition, you can now see the remaining XP to reach the new rank.

Thanks to one of our team members (DJ Fasay) who is a professional creator of sounds & music tracks, TA has had a lot of unique and very cool new sounds implemented. Thanks so much for this :-)

Of course there are a lot more things to discover in TA 15. The testing phase will shortly begin and I hope we can present you the “fresh” TA very soon. Apply for the BETA test now and visit our chat channel: Temple Arena :-)

Patch 15 – Development Status

Just a little update today. I know that some of you are eagerly waiting for BETA 15, but you have to wait a little longer :) . Some of the major features are already implemented, but there’s still a lot of work to do. You can always track the development status with the info box widget.

Coming soon! :)

Patch 15 – Map design changes

Today, I want to show you how TA is going to look like after the next patch. As you can see, a lot of enhancements have been made.

  1. Map size has been reduced significantly.
  2. Xel’Naga towers added for each plateau.
  3. Bigger ramps at the center.
  4. Defending platforms (for units like siege tank, and towers)

Patch 15 BETA – Preview

Ok, here is what’s going to change with patch 15 I’m working on at the moment.

  • New unit system

Note: It’s clearly obvious that the current unit system is kind of the same as the one of Marine Arena. This is no good. In addition to that, I found it to be too complex, and therefore too difficult for new players to understand. The current system has 8 different attributes, and some units have weaknesses against some of them and are particularily strong against some others. It’s very hard to keep in mind which unit is actually strong vs. which.

The new system will only comprehend 4 attributes and make it easier for everyone to understand the counter mechanics. I’m going to introduce two more mercenary classes, so there will be 16 in total. Beside these changes to the units itself, the unit management will also experience a makeover. More on that later.

  • New intuitive tutorial

Note: The most important thing for a newcomer map is to convert newbies into lovers. In fact, this can be difficult, if the newbies don’t actually understand what they are supposed to do and how they get the game going. All new players will be offered a tutorial (not simply a text, like now) that makes it absolutely clear how to have success from the first minute onwards. Important buttons, locations, menus will be made visible and explained concerning their purpose and mechanics.

  • New defense system

Note: Defending your base in Temple Arena is fairly simple now. You either activate the nova or equip your headquarter with weapons. I found this to be too limiting. First, there have to be more weapons available for the HQ. Second, there has to be another way to defend your base besides the previously mentioned. I felt it was a good idea to change something with the terrain around your base to give your units an advantage. Additionally, there will be some extra supporting units purchasable in your headquarter, which might help you out building a proper defense. Please note that it’s not intended for TA players to be able to defend too well, because most of the games will end up lasting too long because of some people turteling (only focussing on defenses).

  • Artificial intelligence and singleplayer mode

Note: I already explained some parts of the upcoming AI system in this post. Please have a look for more information on all questions about artifical intelligence.

The singleplayer mode will have experience and multiplayer achievement gain disabled. The reason why you can collect achievements in singleplayer mode right now is simply because the new systems have to be tested thoroughly. This shouldn’t be the norm. In the future singleplayer mode, you will be able to collect special singleplayer achievements and have certain features enabled that aren’t available in multiplayer. These features won’t be part of patch 15 though.

Info on patch 15 and 16:
These two content patches will represent the biggest ones in the history of Temple Arena. They are both necessary to lead TA on the right track it has to go towards release. While patch 15 is mainly focusing on the units in Temple Arena and their connections, strenghts, weaknesses, and purposes, patch 16 is all about the heroes and individualization, meaning an enrichment of TA’s repertoir of possibilities to enable players creating their very unique styles and strategies. In summary, patch 15 includes the new unit system, the artificial intelligence, and improvements of smaller systems like defending, management options, voting options, etc. Patch 16 includes a new hero system, MANY more upgrades (especially re-equips), a talent system, an item system, more events, and of course, dozen of improvements to all other parts of the game.

When there are news and more details about this, I’m going to post an entry of course. Thanks for supporting Temple Arena, the upcoming fanciest and most challenging arena mod for SCII!

Temple Arena = Marine Arena? No!

Just recently I read a topic at the official MA forums regarding an ability of the Pygalisk hero from Temple Arena. Okay, I mean, if there is thrown a piece of meat into the lion’s den, you cannot expect it not being torn apart. Yeah… well, I don’t mind that people from MA call TA a “rip off of marine arena”, I myself call it a rip off of MA… in regards to the idea. Don’t get me wrong! I love Marine Arena, or to be more precise, I loved Marine Arena. I was a very enthusiastic and successful player myself, up until the point at which the map turned into something disappointing.

As you all know, liking a game depends on your taste. I liked the old-school MA, but definitely not the newer versions (from January onwards). So I decided to bring back the game I missed so much. During the initial stage of the development process, I realized that I could create something more interesting. The idea of the Temple Arena was born.

You see, the only reason for it being similar to MA is because I wanted it to be exactly like MA at the beginning. But now, time by time and step by step, TA is growing more and more into a very unique map with distinct features that MA cannot provide for. I clearly want it to be similar to Marine Arena, because I just like arena games, and to some extent, all arena games are similar to each other. I believe further changes and modifications to the current TA system will bring the important differences between both maps, and I also strongly believe that TA will become a map which won’t be able to be compared with MA anymore.

Therefore I plan on introducing a re-modeled unit system (basic units, mercenaries) and of course, a completely new hero system. The finished Temple Arena, which is to be expected for the time at which Heart of the Swarm launches, will completely blow off your mind. A very new experience in arena gaming, not only with uncountable possibilities to develop strategies, and hundreds of very unique ideas, but also with steady balancing and bugfixing support. Join the BETA team!

- Nishiyamo

Patch 14.4 BETA

  • Fixed the “Virginity” bug.
  • Fixed a playtime calculation bug.
  • Fixed an exploit that enabled players to collect achievements after the game has ended.
  • Fixed a bug with the win counter.

The ingame changelog says something about another bank reset. I decided later to not reset the data at this point. Please be aware that this entire achievement/XP/ranking system is quite new and there might be a lot more to fix. So prepare for more data resets.

Patch 14 BETA

  • New achievement system, see features page for more info.
  • New event system, see also features page.
  • New TA styled task bar at the top left of your screen.
  • Experimental AI added. Please take into consideration that it’s acting stupid and won’t counter you properly. Patch 15 will provide the finished AI system.
  • HP of all units increased by 15%.
  • Re-designed and more compact game mode voting dialog.
  • Corrected HP of burrowed units.
  • Costs of Tier 1 mercenaries changed to 300 for all. Re-buying costs are 200.
  • Costs of basic unit upgrades changed.
  • Major improvements to the core script.
  • Fixed tons of bugs.

Please be also aware of the fact, that there are still problems with the bank system. It might be that new achievements or XP gains aren’t saved properly. If you encounter such a case, please report it to our forums.

Due to the BETA status of Temple Arena, the previous mentioned fact is not that serious. There will be an achievement & XP/ranks reset when TA officially launches.

Sneak Peak: The Temple Arena AI

Today, I want you to explain the upcoming AI system a bit more detailed.

– AI – What for?
Primarily, the AI has two purposes. First is to enable players to play Temple Arena even without having other players – like friends or beta testers – at hand. The second purpose is to make Temple Arena easier to test with regards to balance. Even when there aren’t any testers around, I will be able to proceed with the balance tests. This will enhance and accelerate the entire development process.

– Why should I fight AI?
As you maybe know, AI’s often are very stupid. But there are well-scripted and versatile ones in several maps as well. This will also be the case for Temple Arena. The AI system that is going to be implemented is very complex and intelligent. Its purpose of being a worthy opponent for training games and random fun is given, so it won’t become boring too fast.

– What will it be capable of?
Due to the current development status, I cannot say too much about what the AI eventually will be able to do. Several things are certain though:

  • All the standard stuff: Training units, upgrading, attacking, defending, zerging
  • Conquering and defending obelisks
  • Countering actions like upgrading, switching mercenaries/basic units, etc.
  • Choosing from 6 different strategies, each one providing for a unique gamestyle
  • Teamwork mechanics

– What about the micro management of the AI?
Honestly, I’m not a pro at scripting artificial intelligences. In fact, it’s the first time for me. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it my all and try to make the AI capable of reacting fast and effectively. Micro management is easy to the extend, at which it’s only about moving units around. Controlling the combat movements, obelisks actions and hero micro at the same time will be a difficult thing to achieve for me as a mapper though. I’ll try my best on this.

– When will it be released?
I’m eagerly working on this system right now and I expect it to be finished by patch 15. I cannot estimate how much time it’s going to take though.

If you have questions or ideas regarding the AI system, please leave a comment!

Patch 14 in testing phase & upcoming features

Patch 14 is nearly about finished. Some days of testing will check on the stability and if everything goes well, the patch will be released within the next days.

Additionally, I want to let you have a picture of what is going to change in Temple Arena with the upcoming patches 15 and 16.

  1. New Tutorial – Originally intended to be part of patch 14 but moved to patch 15, the new tutorial will help new players to find into the game. The reason for it not being content of patch 14 is, that there will be some major changes to the game mechanics, and it wouldn’t have made sense creating a tutorial for the mechanics of patch 14 when it’s certain that they’re going to change anyway.
  2. AI support and singleplayer mode – I’m currently working on a very intelligent AI system that will enable players to play TA in solo mode for training and fun. Solo mode will have achievements and xp gain deactivated though. Due to the problems with the current custom game system, it’s very difficult for new, interested players to find people for TA games. The AI will provide an opportunity to play Temple Arena and to get to know the map and its mechanics without having to look/wait for players.
  3. Changes to the mercenary and hero system – To make Temple Arena a unique map and to not let it resemble Marine Arena too much, I decided to change some major mechanics within the mercenary and hero system. More details to that later.
  4. New achievements, heroes and upgrades – Of course, the TA content is far from being complete. You can expect many more achievements, some new heroes and a lot more unique upgrades, similar to the Hellion/Marine/Stalker re-equip upgrades.
  5. Items – I will introduce special items to Temple Arena. I don’t mean something like equip for heroes or units, but rather temporary buffs for single units and/or heroes when being successful in combat. Those buffs will spawn as collectable items. There can be changes to this, though. I will have a look on how this system fits to the new game mechanics I mentioned above.

If you like Temple Arena and want to support the development, please apply as a BETA tester in our forums! All you have to do is to play this map from time to time and to report bugs/ideas etc. I’d be glad to hear from you :)

Website & Forums Launch!

Step by step, Temple Arena is becoming more professional a mod and it was just about time to create a website on which you can find all info and news about TA. I will keep you informed about the current development status and of course, all other relevant things related to TA.

Feel free to comment on patch notes and other topics and register in the forums. Be a part of the rise of the greatest SCII arena mod ever seen, and join us now!

Patch 13 BETA

  • Hero: Hellion movement speed reduced from 4.25 to 3.85.
  • Hero: Laser Hellion attack speed decreased by 0.1 (50%).
  • Fixed a bug that enabled Marauders to ignore armor.
  • Adjusted Hero Armor Upgrades to have an equal armor gain for heroes of the same tier.

Patch 12.2 BETA

  • Hero: Hellion equipped with a cannon now move 1.25 (30%) slower than normal Hellions.
  • Hero: Cannon Hellion damage addition per upgrade decreased by 35 (60%).
  • Hero: Spine attack damage of the Shapeshifter increased by 14 (70%).
  • Hero: Shapeshifter splash radius in aerial form increased by 0.7 (120%).
  • Hero: Scourge ‘projectiles’ cannot be attacked anymore.
  • Winning condition fixes again.
  • No XP gain from disabled obelisks in the second game phase anymore.

Patch 12.1 BETA

  • After 35 minutes of gameplay in Deathmatch mode, the game will evolve into a new phase in which obelisks get deactivated, free novas disabled and normal novas cost 100 more energy.
  • Increased the costs of Basic Unit Upgrades to prevent a one-sided upgrade behavior of TA players. This should balance the interested between Mercenaries and Basic Units a bit better.
  • You cannot vote for 2 free Novas anymore. Instead, you can vote for either 1 free Nova, no free Nova or no Novas at all.
  • Thor energy removed.
  • Medivac heal improved by 75%.
  • Zealot damage increased by 1 (11%) and bonus damage vs. mechanical removed.
  • Fixed some bugs with the leaderboard.
  • Fixed winning conditions.

Patch 12 BETA

  • New loading screen.
  • Integrated the re-buy system for heroes: Re-buying a hero costs only 50% of the normal hero price.
  • When you open the hero menu and you already possess a hero, you will now be asked if you want to sell your current hero. If you do so, your hero will die and you get 75% of its buying price aswell as your vespine back.
  • Added general tips to the game.
  • There’s no unit control possible anymore when voting in the first 30 seconds of the game.
  • New informative tooltips for mercenaries.
  • Hero: Shapeshifter can now move underground.
  • Zergling: Underground movement speed increased by 1 (110%).
  • Fixed the “2 Nova Free Shots”.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Patch 11.2 BETA

  • Integrated a ranking system with a new leaderboard.
  • New Voting design and mechanics.
  • Removed the side ramps again.
  • Unit Counter disabled again due to problems.
  • Fixed the Abomination and Banshee spawn bugs.
  • Fixed a Chrono Boost bug.
  • Some minor improvements to the script.

Patch 11 BETA

  • Re-enabled the unit counter.
  • Core script optimizations for a better performance.
  • 3 new Mercenary Classes: Mini-Reaver, Diamondbacks and Lyotes.
  • Added individual upgrades for each new Mercenary Class.
  • New Game Mode: King of the Obelisk
  • Adjusted all upgrades for a more balanced gameplay in late game.
  • Slower unit spawn for all units.
  • Map design changes like new ramps (implications on gameplay will be examined).
  • Shop system changed: one shop for each player which is accessible at any time.
  • The HQ of leaving players will now be destroyed 10 seconds after leaving, granting its ally the leftover minerals.
  • Nova works correctly now.
  • Major balancing changes.

Patch 10.4 BETA

  • Added a unit counter.
  • Reaper: Attack speed decreased by 0.2 (40%)
  • Critical Strike and Armor Penetration bug fixed.
  • Critical Strike and Armor Penetration proccs now create “Crit!” or “Pierce!” messages when they occur.
  • Stalker: Damage decreased by 2, damage vs. armored and mechanical units increased by 2, bonus damage vs. bio removed.
  • Stalker: Prismatic Beam attack speed increased by 0.03 (27%).
  • Immortal: Range decreased by 0.5 (13%).
  • Immortal: HP decreased by 20 (8%).
  • Abomination: Damage decreased by 10 (50%), damage multiplier vs. mechanical increased by 0.25 (25%).
  • Abomination: HP decreased by 30 (8%).

Patch 10.3 BETA

  • Marines: Bonus of damage upgrade increased by 0.1 (15%)
  • Immortal: Movement speed increased by 0.2 (12%)
  • Immortal: Splash radius lowered by 0.1 (15%)
  • Immortal: HP decreased by 35 (11%)
  • Shapeshifter (Lurker Form): Damage increased by 3 (20%)
  • Fixed the Shapeshifter’s aerial form
  • Reaper: Damage decreased by 2 (8%)
  • Reaper: HP decreased by 100 (12%)
  • Reaper: Bonus damage vs. light armor removed

Patch 10.2 BETA

  • Fixed a victory condition bug.
  • Added hotkeys to various key abilities.
  • Adjusted Game Modes to enhance and accelerate the gaming experience.
  • Increased the firing rate of the Prismatic Beam by 40%.
  • Decreased the damage of the Prismatic Beam by 20%.
  • Added a Spawning Options Menu, accessible through a button located directly above the Hero Button.

Patch 10.1 BETA

  • Fixed the exploit which enabled players to train all different types of mercenaries simultaneously by placing a creep tumor at the merc’s spawn position.
  • 3 new Game Modes: Beginner, Normal, Hardcore.
  • Fixed the Basic Unit Health Upgrade.
  • The HQ cannot be target of Feedback anymore.
  • Better and easier to understand tutorial for beginners.
  • Rocks now have less HP.
  • Higher starting HP regeneration for all heroes.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Hero: Destroyer damage decreased by 6.
  • Hero: Destroyer Shield Drain blast damage reduced by 25.
  • Hero: Reaper HP increased by 200, armor increased by 0.5 and damage increased by 5.

Patch 10 BETA

  • 3 New Heroes: Destroyer, Overseer & Shapeshifter
  • Shotgun Re-equip Upgrade for Marines
  • Armor Penetration Upgrade for Zealots
  • Tunneling Claws Upgrade for Zerglings
  • Damageless Stimpack Upgrade for Marauders
  • Prismatic Beam Re-equip Upgrade for Stalkers
  • Damage Reflection Upgrade for Roaches
  • New Supporting Unit: Worker (repairs your structures)
  • Fixed bugs & added a debugger run every 60 seconds
  • Observer Speed Upgrade added
  • Hero Energy Regeneration Upgrade added
  • Major changes in balancing

Patch 9.4 BETA

  • Fixed a bug that let the Buy Hero button disappear when a random player left the game.
  • You can’t use buried or flying units anymore to hold obelisks.
  • Mutalisk costs raised to 1450.
  • Phoenix costs reduced to 1300.
  • Thor ground attack range decreased by 1.
  • Thor does less splash damage vs. ground units.
  • Burrowed Roaches and Abominations now get the armor bonus of the Mercenary Armor upgrade.
  • Reaper’s Sticky Bomb range increased by 1.
  • HQ Dual Rocket Weapon range increased by 1.
  • Cannon Hellion damage corrected.
  • Engineer’s Flame Tower now gets armor added from the Hero Armor upgrade.

Patch 9.2 BETA

  • “Buy Hero” Button remains now at the same spot when using different resolutions.
  • Spawning Interval of Stalkers raised by 1 second.
  • Stalker’s are smaller now.
  • Laser Hellion’s range decreased by 1.
  • Laser Hellion now gets less damage from the Hero Damage upgrade.
  • Chrono Boost energy costs increased by 10.

Patch 9.0 BETA

  • New Victory System (works smoothly now)
  • New Hero Purchasing Menu
  • Chrono Boost ability for Mercenaries available in your HQ
  • Defeated teams are granted vision of the entire map
  • New menu for buying supporting units for energy
  • Hydralisks now do extra damage against air
  • Major changes in unit pricing
  • Lots of script improvements (performance)
  • Nova is now usable once without having to pay energy
  • Fixed bugs with heroes and mercenaries + displaying issues